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Parts & Accssories for the AR platform

Optics,Barrels, Upper Receivers, Parts Kits, Stocks, Rail Systems, BCG's, Triggers....etc

Fox Group offers hundreds of parts and accessories from quality manufacturers. Fox Group buys and sells parts based on availability and pricing. It is impossible to list every part and accessory we have available at one particular time. If looking for a particular item or several for your next build simply click the quote button below or on any page, tell us what item you need and we will contact you with a price and availability. You can also check our list of manufacturers that we buy from to see if we carry the manufacturer’s part you are looking for. Just click the "copy of suppliers" tab under the products tab.

Complete AR upper receivers

M4, SPR, SBR, Custom...etc

Fox Group offers complete uppers from several manufacturer's such as Noveske, BCM, Daniel Defense, and many more. Fox Group also offers in house assembly of custom uppers to tailor to the end users need. Do you have a specific complete upper receiver in mind? Click the quote button send us a list of parts you desire for your complete upper and we will send you a price. You can also elect to build the upper yourself or have us do it in house. This service alleviate's the end user from buying a shelf AR and stripping it and adding parts. No more boxes of AR parts lying around when you have your upper built the way you want the first time.

Complete AR Kits

Everything you need minus a stripped lower

Complete kits include every part of the AR minus the stripped lower receiver. Have a build in mind that includes specific parts? Order your stripped lower from your favorite manufacturer or gun shop. Send us your list of specific parts and we will work with you to build a kit to include everything you need from start to finish. Click the quote button and send us your list or if you have questions click our contact page and send us a message.

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