Fox Group, LLC is a small veteran owned and operated business in Murfreesboro, Tn. We specialize in putting quality tactical gear and firearm accesories in the hands of todays warriors. Fox Group, LLC is a proponent of the 2nd Amendment and the American Dream. Fox Group, LLC carries hundreds of manufacturers and literally millions of products. We are a one stop shop for today's military units, law enforcement agencies, security contractors, and shooting enthusiast. No load out list is to small or large. Our customers always remain discreet, we do not report to manufacturers on who is buying what. We only endorse gear that is up for the journey that you are entering.

                                                  Semper Fi

                                                  Dave Barras


Future Additions to Fox Group, LLC

  •  Fox Apparel- Fox Group merchandis ie; t-shirts, and other clothing.

  • Training- We will be teaming with some of the industries top instructors to bring top notch training to Middle Tennessee

  • Select AR15 upper shop- Customers will be able to select upper AR15 reciever components from the manufacturers of their choice. Fox Group, LLC certified armorers will assemble and ship the select uppers to your door step.